La Volpina B&B
Bike and Sea

A new experience for your holiday

Imagine B&B La Volpina
as your personal island
with all the comfort you need

Imagine a calm sea while laying on a beach bed…
An appetizer with your feet in the sand…
…time stops and you start to live again!
Imagine a bike tour in the new seaside bycicle lane…
Imagine a holiday discovering a fabolous inland.

Give your time more value, in Romagna you can!!!



 B&B La Volpina is a small structure with six rooms
Where attention to details is our priority.
Rooms are modern and accurately furnished, bright and with wide windows.

   You can choose different types of occupancy:

-  Classic B&B
-   B&B + Beach
-       B&B + beach + bike)

News 2024
Bike rental for families
With tow cart and seat for younger children
Scooters and long skate.

  L'Italia in Miniatura only 3 Km.
Parco Oltremare, Aquafan, Fiabilandia, Mirabilandia e Zoo Safari:
 Tickets available whit special price!
La Volpina B&B is located near Rimini's Exhibition (only 4 km away) and Rimini's Palacongressi
The Theme park "Italia in miniatura" is only 3 Km away and also Oltremare, Aquafan, Fiabilandia,
Mirabilandia and Zoo Safari ar not far away and here you have a discounted price!

Rimini is the perfect place for Bike Tours due the hills next to the sea.
The new coastwise Bycicle lane connects all the closest towns.
In the same day you can start a bike tour in the early morning
and relax in your beach bed in the warmest hours.


You can have appetizers on the beach and also have dinner.


 Ask for a quote whitout addidional costs! Whit us you save 15%

-Family holiday-
We offer customized quotations for families.


-The new Rimini-

Video "il Parco del Mare" 

Video "Muoversi in libertà" 


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