Rimini Experience
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From Santarcangelo and Verucchio to find out our traditions and taste our culinary excellences...going through San Leo castle to San marino towers.

Rimini's life never stops during the year,the old town, the fishermen's wharfs, the walking and riding routes between sea and hills make Riviera Romagnola a perfect destination for day trips.Borgo San Giuliano, Rimini's museum, Rocca Malatestiana, Tempio Malatestiano, August's Arch, Tiperio's Bridge and also Sismondo Castle, Tre Martire Square, Galli theater, those are justsome of the historical heritage you can find in Rimini. You can reach them completely safe with our bikes following the bike lane.

The inland has beautiful landscapes like San Leo Forgress, Awwurrina Castle in Montebello di Toriana, Rocca Malatestiana in Verucchio and the one in Santarcangelo will leave you breathless.

San Marino, one of the oldest Republic in the world, rises alongside Mount Titano's slope.Its' three towers builtin the XI century dominate Rimini's view and San Marino's medieval old town.

Cesentico is a fishermenìs town that deserves a look, with  it's ancient harborm the nawy's museum and exellent fish restaurants.
Not so far from there there's the city of Ravenna and it's numerous and worldwide famous churches decorated with mosaicsm where Bysantine history still lives today.

Cervia's canal and the pedestrian street alongside Salinari's walls, San Michele's tower and the city Hall square are all maryelous places where you can have appetizer and dinner.
There you can find finger food, sushi and local restaurants. 


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