Romagna has always been famous for it's hospitality and smiling people on this attributes we want to offer you our experiences
  • Homemade Pasta and dinner.
  • Clam fishing and dinner.
  • Sail boat  and sailing school.
  • Surfing lessons whit proper equipment included. 
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Lear whit "Granma Teresa"
Romagna's food tradition is still alive and there are many women taking care of your so famous and peculiar food. We still have the chance to see our frandparents master the ability of making pasta.The results are unique flavours....Romagna's ones.
Have fun preparing and tasting pasta whit Grandma Teresa.Water, flour, eggs and skill...the mail ingredients to create unforgettable flavours and tastes.


" Clams fishing"

It's in front of our B&B that lives the perfect habitat for clamp growth a typical food in our region.
Today we can welcome people in our structure thanks to this ancient job which my grandparents did even before World War II.
Thiss experience is much easier now than time, but it's still very interesting.
Walking in the shoreline at the right day time, with some luck you can find clams under the sand if you know how to recognize and fish them.
In about one hour you'llprobably find enough clamp to make a plentiful meal.
There are simple and tasty ways to cook clamps, like making them open in a pan whit garlic or cooking them whit spaghetti and other techniques we will reveal you.


"Live sailing"
Go to sea is the oldest and most matural of  all the arts.
If you'd like to live this experience you can sail whit our vintage sailboat, which will make you fall in love with sailing and swimming into the sea.



"Ride the wave"
Who has never dreamed of riding a wave? Today this dream come true!
We have surfboard for beginners and many advice to give you to male you feel the wonderful excitement of being in balance over the sea with your surfboard.


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