E-bike in Rimini...a 2021 news.
The growth of e-bikes report us a new way to live a sustainable holiday.The new holiday 2.0 is e-bike riding.What's e-bike is an elecritc bike that assists you while riding, tohelp you reach places your'd have never seen before.
Who doesn't like being able to deal whit hard climbs only for skilled riders? Whit an e-bike you can!!
Now you can ride across roads and beautiful landscapes near the sea and eating Romagna's food starting comfortably from our B&B La Volpina.
Rimini's a wonderful place to ride your bike due to it's porximity to both sea and hills. In just a few minutes from mail road you can cross the Marecchia river bike lane which leads you to discover new territories you never expected.B&B La Volpona oragnize the Tour in cooperation whit "Emotion Bike", a leading company in sustainablemobility in Rimini.
You're free to choose autonomous or ghides tours.Our packeges include residency, beach and e-bike tour. 

Rimini "il Parco del Mare"
2021 in Rimini starts focusing on changing.
The local administration started to restore all Rimini's esplanade.This aspiring project is already clear in some places and it'll be completed this Spring. Traffic will be totally forbidden during the high season and restriected during the rest of the year.
Bike will become the new shore life style. Thanks to this project which rimini deserved for a long time,you'llsee the true changing of this city, an open space, fresh and modern city where being ispired and look to the future.
B&B La Volpina is honored to be part of this huge priject and becouse of this it suggest new steps in sustainable mobility to make cars just wehicles for reach destinations.

Piste ciclabili raddoppiate in 10 anni, Monopattini, Scooter e Macchine elettriche a noleggio.
Il nuovo parco del mare ha fatto crescere esponenzialmente l'utilizzo della bici e l'investimento fatto sulla mobilità elettrica a innescato la voglia di muoversi in maniera alternativa e senza per forza utilizzare l'auto ed addirittura comprarla.

Si chiama "Corrente" il nuovo servizio di car sharing presente sul territorio riminese.
Il servizio attivabile tramite App da l'opportunita di prenotare la corsa da remoto. Le auto con 300 km di autonomia, potranno essere riconsegnate anche in altre città convenzionate con il servizio e all'areoporto di bologna.
Si possono parcheggiare sulla strisce blu e non paghi la sosta.

Viserbella's " E Scaion Museum

At the " E Scaion" museum you'llfind a seashell set, ancient pictures and all sorts of mariene and fishing object and tools.
We are honored to have this structure and this lucky spot in Viserbella and that's possible thanks to our grandparents and all ther previous work in the sea: 

New trends:
Rock clinbing is always increasing it's reputation. There are cliffs like Perticara, San Marino, San Leo, Maiolo or Pennabilli where to practice this sport or live a new experience. You can do all of this whitout missing some time by the sea in the afternoon.

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