We suggest you Day Trip to discover a less commond and famous part of our region, out of the most known visitor routes. In Italy just like in Romagna, there are places not so famous, but exremely fascinating and not too far to reach. All you have to do is tell us what you want to do our best to advise you!! 
  • Ravenna
  • Cesenatico
  • San Marino
  • San Leo
  • Gradara
  • Onferno caves
  • Premolcuore falls
  • Petrella Guidi

These are just some lactions we recommend you for Day Trip and we're sure they'llsure remain in your memories.

Rimini is a city that lives throughout the year. In Rimini, every season has its charm. The ancient history of the enchanted villages, the fine sandy beaches and still the fishing ports, the itineraries on foot or by bike between sea and hills make the Romagna Riviera famous throughout Europe.
The Romagnoli are famous for their frankness, friendliness and welcome, ingredients that leave an indelible memory in the memory.
The Borgo Sal Giuliano, the Museum of Rimini, the Malatesta Fortress, the Malatesta Temple, the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge, and even Castel Sismondo, Piazza Tre Martiri and the Galli Theater, are just some of the many magical places that you find in Rimni center
The ever more appreciated hinterland reserve breathtaking views from the Fortress of San Leo, the Azzurrino Castle in Montebello di Toriana. The Malatestian fortress of Verucchio or that of Santarcangelo leave you speechless.
San Marino is one of the oldest Republics in the world, from our B&B you can easily get there by car in a Day trip.
Cesenatico with its ancient port, the maritime museum and the excellent fish restaurants is definitely a place to visit.
Doing a few more kilometers you arrive in Ravenna with its innumerable Mosaic Churches famous all over the world where the Byzantine art wrote the history.
The long canal of Cervia and the pedestrian ring that passes through the walls of saline San Michele Tower and the Piazza with the Town Hall is an excellent place to enjoy aperitifs and dinners. Here you will find finger food, sushi restaurant and a la carte restaurants all of excellent quality.
Riccione and Milano Marittima are famous for shopping and excellent land and sea restaurants.
In the structure you will find various informative material.
In the site of the Riviera of Rimini you will find all the useful info http://www.riviera.rimini.it/

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